Monday, August 10, 2015

2 week menu

Honestly, I've been in a cooking slump lately, mostly because of my broken dishwasher :( ....but, I sat down tonight and decided it was time to get back into my old habits and routines. I sat down and wrote out my beloved, trusty menu plan!! I like sit down at the end of each month and write out 4 lists:
1. Monthly Menu
2. grocery list for the first 2 weeks
3. grocery list for week 3 and 4
4.any weekly produce purchases

This helps me in a few different ways. I am going to the grocery store once a week (for produce) and then only every 2 weeks for all the other stuff. I spend less money, and I buy less junk food. I'm much less stressed, and even though some of my meals take long to prep/cook, I actually spend less time in the kitchen (no scratching of head, whilst standing in front of the pantry).
The food that I make is (mostly) preservative free. I don't buy the cream o' something cans anymore...I try to make everything from scratch. It tastes better, is healthier, and it's much cheaper!!

In my cooking I'm all about; improving my skills, involving my kids, saving money, and having fun! without further here

I have had many requests for my menu plans, so here it is. If you want any of the recipes or my shopping list just comment and I will get them posted asap!!
(this is only a 2 week plan, and since 3 of my kids are going to be in school I didn't plan lunches for all those days).
click here for menu

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