Monday, August 10, 2015

2 week menu

Honestly, I've been in a cooking slump lately, mostly because of my broken dishwasher :( ....but, I sat down tonight and decided it was time to get back into my old habits and routines. I sat down and wrote out my beloved, trusty menu plan!! I like sit down at the end of each month and write out 4 lists:
1. Monthly Menu
2. grocery list for the first 2 weeks
3. grocery list for week 3 and 4
4.any weekly produce purchases

This helps me in a few different ways. I am going to the grocery store once a week (for produce) and then only every 2 weeks for all the other stuff. I spend less money, and I buy less junk food. I'm much less stressed, and even though some of my meals take long to prep/cook, I actually spend less time in the kitchen (no scratching of head, whilst standing in front of the pantry).
The food that I make is (mostly) preservative free. I don't buy the cream o' something cans anymore...I try to make everything from scratch. It tastes better, is healthier, and it's much cheaper!!

In my cooking I'm all about; improving my skills, involving my kids, saving money, and having fun! without further here

I have had many requests for my menu plans, so here it is. If you want any of the recipes or my shopping list just comment and I will get them posted asap!!
(this is only a 2 week plan, and since 3 of my kids are going to be in school I didn't plan lunches for all those days).

Friday, February 28, 2014

Monday, August 13, 2012

Summer fun!

I can't think of anything more exciting for this sweet girl than to catch a butterfly!

We floated the river up on the Canadian is a pic of Kevan and Maleah coming in

It was a long day!!

Our 4 year old Maleah!!

Maleah's Ice cream party!
Maleah's ice cream cone bean bag toss game
(I know I'm not as good at drawing as Rebecca, but I tried!!)

I didn't take the after photo with all the ice cream...but this was pin the ice cream on the cones

Ice cream cone pinata....

Ice cream cone cupcakes

Maleah's ice cream truck...inside we had a cooler filled with ice cream

Maleah swinging at her pinata.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

5 weeks!

4th of July!

The girls cutting strawberries for dessert

Our feast! (red, white, and blue drinks and jello)

Our Red, White and Blue dessert

Sparklers with Grandpa!

I've never seen Anoni so excited....she LOVED the fireworks!!

Quinten bundled up with Grandma


Another succesfull Hoopfest....and by that I mean fun!